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Discretionary Assistance for Disabled Occupants

Disabled Persons Relocation Assistance (DPRA)

This provides assistance with moving costs where major adaptations to adapt a property under the Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant are not considered cost effective or feasible and where the applicant has decided to move to a previously adapted or more adaptable property.

Who can apply for a DPRA?

The assistance is available to people who own their own homes and the disabled occupant must be registered or registerable as disabled.

Who will qualify?

Applicants will be subject to the Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant statutory test of resources unless in receipt of one of the "passport" benefits;

  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Income based employment and support allowance
  • Income support
  • Guaranteed pension credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Working tax credit and with an income below £15,050 (subject to change)
  • Children's tax credit and with an income below £15,050 (subject to change)
  • Universal credit (this includes any amount of Universal Credit which is being introduced from 2013 onwards as a replacement for working age benefits and tax credits).

However if the property to which the applicant is relocating requires adaptations and the applicant will be making a mandatory disabled facilities grant application in respect of that property and they will be liable for a contribution towards the cost of adaptation work, no deduction shall be made for any contribution in respect of this relocation assistance.

What can the assistance cover?

Assistance will be considered for costs associated with moving including legal fees, solicitor fees, relocation of specialist equipment for the disabled person, estate agent fees and removal costs. It does not include stamp duty, an allowance towards the cost of a new property, nor allowance towards furnishing and fittings etc. The assistance is available whether it includes moving to another local authority area or staying within the Wealden district.

Are there conditions attached to the DPRA?

No further relocation assistance would be payable within a period of three years.

How much assistance am I entitled to?

The maximum amount is £5000 per application less any determined contribution from the test and resources.

Applications are approved on a strict case by case assessment including an assessment by the Housing Solutions Officer and the Council has discretion to determine the reasonableness of each case. 

Disabled Facilities "top-up" Assistance

The Council recognises that there has been a general increase in building costs since the maximum mandatory disabled facilities grant was set up in 2008 at £30,000. This "top-up" offers assistance for large scale disabled adaptation works deemed necessary and appropriate and eligible for a mandatory disabled facilities grant, but where the cost of grant eligible work exceeds the £30,000 limit.

Who can apply for the "top-up"?

What works can be carried out?

Are there conditions attached to the "top-up"?

How much assistance am I entitled to?

  • The maximum amount is £10,000 per application.

Shared Equity Loan

This loan provides capital assistance to owner occupiers on a shared equity basis whose current home cannot be adapted or is not suitable for their long term disability needs and wishes/needs to purchase an alternative property.

Who can apply for the loan?

Owner occupiers, who are existing home owners, or currently in a shared ownership scheme, and have a level of equity, but which is insufficient to purchase suitable alternative accommodation and whose financial circumstances do not permit an increase in their borrowing capacity to fund such a suitable property.

What can the land be used for?

Purchase of an adapted or adaptable property which will meet the disabled occupant's long term housing need.

Are there conditions attached to the shared equity loan?

The loan will be registered as a land registry charge and repayment of the shared equity loan will be required when the property is disposed of by sale, assignment, transfer or otherwise. The loan will be administered by the Council's third party loan provider Parity Trust Loans (external link).

How much assistance am I entitled to?

This is subject to a strict case by case individual assessment where the Council has the discretion to determine the reasonableness of each case and subject to an equitable and balanced contribution of resources within the budget year based on the level of overall applications.


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