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Tenant Incentive Scheme

Under this scheme Council tenants who give up properties which are larger than they need and move into a property of the correct size for their families needs (according to the allocations policy) may be eligible for assistance from the Council. The Scheme is designed to assist three groups of under occupying households. They are existing Council tenants who wish to transfer, Council tenants who wish to carry out a mutual exchange and those that chose to leave their council property and move into the private rented sector.

Transfer Cases

You may be considering moving out of your current council property and into another council or housing association property in Wealden by applying to the Council for a transfer.

If you are then under the scheme subject to eligibility, budgetary constraints and any deductions a fixed incentive payment will be paid at £1,000 per bedroom being released. There is an additional payment of £2,000 for those that move into sheltered housing. Sheltered Housing is purpose built accommodation for people over 60 years of age.

In addition all under occupiers when transferring and leaving their current tenancy will have their removal expenses paid by Wealden District Council (up to a value of £600). If the cost of the removal exceeds £600 the shortfall will be deducted from the transfer incentive payment.

Mutual Exchanges

You may be considering swapping your council property with another council or housing association property by way of mutual exchange.

If you are then under the scheme subject to eligibility and budgetary constraints assistance will be in the form of removal expenses. These will be paid by Wealden District Council (up to a value of £600). If the cost of the removal exceeds £600 the tenant/s will be required to pay the shortfall before the removal can take place. The removals will be carried out by a contractor employed by the Council on the tenant/s behalf. If the tenant/s wish to use alternative contractors or carry out their own removals no cash alternative will be offered.

Private Rented Sector

You may be considering giving up the tenancy on your council property to go into private rented accommodation.

If you are then under the scheme subject to eligibility, any deductions and budgetary constraints if you  decide to leave your council property to rent privately you will be eligible for £1,000 per bedroom released (based on the difference between the number of bedrooms in the current Council property and the number of bedrooms in the new private rented home).


All three strands of the Tenant Incentive Scheme are subject to eligibility and exclusions do apply. Details can we found in Tenant Incentive Scheme 2014 (pdf).

To apply for Tenant Incentive Scheme Assistance (TIS assistance)

To apply for assistance under the scheme you must complete the correct application form. If you do not complete and return the correct form before a move takes place assistance under the scheme will not be authorised.

Budgetary Constraints

All payments (either the cash payment or the removals) will be subject to a budget limit. If there are more requests for assistance than there is funding available, the Council will:

  • Give priority to those moving from accommodation that is more urgently needed; or
  • Assist with a transfer in the new financial year.

If the funding does run out before the end of the financial tenants can still move but they will not receive any Tenant Incentive Scheme assistance.


Assistance is available for those that transfer, carry out a mutual exchange or move into the private rented sector (subject to eligibility). There is no assistance for moves to nursing home/residential care, or into owner occupation/shared ownership or into accommodation with families/friends.

Who should I contact to find out more about the Tenant Incentive Scheme?

Further information can be found within Tenant Incentive Scheme 2014 (pdf). Please contact your Housing Officer to discuss.   

Contact the Housing Options Team