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Wealden Crematorium - Site Bulletins

These bulletins are intended to keep you informed about work on the crematorium site as it progresses.

They will focus on key operations and issues rather than day-to-day activities.

Site Bulletin No. 15 (06/08/18)

The contractor is making good progress with the construction work and is on course to complete the buildings, roads, car parks and landscaping by Christmas or soon after. The crematorium will be open for services early in 2019.

Main Entrance

Work to the main entrance on the A267 has been paused. This is because the contractor is having to wait for South East Water and SGN to relocate their water and gas mains (that they were unaware of) that run across the entrance. Once this is completed work will recommence on the entrance, and the traffic island and bus stop etc. will be installed. SGN has indicated that traffic lights will be required on the A267 for an additional three week period in early October.

Open Day

It is planned to arrange an Open Day in the Spring to give members of the public a chance to look behind the scenes and speak to the staff who work there.


A drone is flown over the site once each month. This is used to capture footage of the work as it proceeds and is then published via our webpage. Local residents, and others with an interest in the project, find it useful to see how the work is progressing.
The drone is operated in accordance with and bound by the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permit issued under the Air Navigation Order 2016. Collection of any images of identifiable individual etc is avoided and its use is covered by the Council’s public liability insurance.
As an additional precaution posting the drone footage on the crematorium’s webpage is always delayed for at least 4 weeks to protect the security of the site.

Considerate Contractor

Baxall Ltd, the main contractor, participates in ‘The Considerate Contractors’ scheme with assessments undertaken by an independent inspector. The July report records that the site has scored excellent or exceptional for all five criteria – appearance, community, environment, safety and workforce. Excellent scores and a credit to the Site Manager and his team. 

Site Bulletin No. 14 (23/04/18)

The main contractor continues to make excellent progress and now all the main deliveries are being made via the main entrance on the A267. This is much earlier than was originally anticipated and consequently the Horeham Flat Farm entrance will now see only minimal activity. 
Unfortunately there was another incident of vandalism resulting in some graffiti and the time-lapse camera being made inoperable. As a result there will not be any time lapse footage available for April. 
If you should witness any vandalism or suspicious activity do not intervene yourself but please report the incident to the Police and inform Troy Cooper the Site Manager -  07834 034787.

Site Bulletin No. 13 (22/03/18)

Recent weeks have seen a great deal of preparatory work progressed within the construction site towards forming the new main entrance.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that ESCC Highways has now given us the date when the contractor can start the remaining work.

This will include: completing the road surface up to the junction with the A267; tarmacking, installing kerb stones; installing surface water drains; erecting signage; white lining and constructing a new traffic island and bus stop.

This phase of the work will entail the need for traffic lights to be installed on the A267 and cannot commence until they are in place. ESCC Highways regulate the use of traffic management along the public highway and due to other agencies also needing to operate traffic light systems over the next few weeks we have been allocated a time slot commencing Wednesday, 3rd April, 2018 and lasting for around seven weeks.

The farmhouse and the Chiddingly Road access will no longer be used once the new A267 entrance becomes fully available in mid to late May.

We cannot provide precise dates as progress can always be delayed by prolonged bad weather or the need for unforeseen work which could result in the programme having to be adjusted. It is however in everyone's interest to open the new entrance as soon as practicable and you can be assured that the contractor will be focussing on completing this part of the project without any unavoidable delays.

Site Bulletin No. 12 (22/02/18)

Work to construct the small substation that will serve the crematorium is due to start week commencing 26th February. The substation will be located within a field at Horeham Flat Farm to the south east of Chiddingly Road.

Site Bulletin No.11 (12/02/18)

Traffic lights will be in operation on the A267 from 15th to 28th February whilst BT undertake work at the proposed site entrance.

Site Bulletin No.10 (15/01/18)

The project is progressing well, the build programme is on track, and the project is due to be completed on time late 2018.

Baxall Construction, the main contractor, has a track record of achieving best practice. Troy Cooper, the Senior Site Manager, has made his mobile phone number available to residents in order that he can be contacted if something should need to be drawn to his attention (07834 034787). When Troy has been contacted he has developed good working relationships with lots of residents and has helped to resolve problems as they have been reported to him.

The Project Team continue to work with Baxalls to ensure that the site is well managed and that any potential disturbance or disruption is controlled and kept to a minimum.

It has taken longer than anticipated for UK Power Networks to start the relocation of the overhead power cables that cross the proposed entrance - these cables have to be diverted before construction of the entrance can begin in order to ensure the safety of the workforce. Consequently it has been necessary to use the Horeham Flat Farm entrance for deliveries to the site for longer than was originally hoped.

This is very disappointing but was unavoidable. This has obviously impacted on the residents of Chiddingly Road, particularly those living close to the entrance. We apologise for this and thank residents for their patience.

UK Power Networks are due to start work on 19th January for around 10 days. Once that work has been completed, Baxall will progress work on the entrance.

For safety reasons temporary traffic controls will be in place on the A267 whilst this work is taking place. Once the A267 entrance is open fully the contractor will no longer need to use Chiddingly Road to access the site.

The foundations for the main building are nearly complete and the superstructure will soon start to take shape. The building will sit within the natural contours of the site and wherever possible the existing trees and hedges have been retained. This together with careful landscaping and new tree planting will ensure that it is quite unobtrusive.

Site Bulletin No.9 (18/12/17)

Delivery Lorries queuing in Chiddingly Road The haulage companies attending the site have been reminded that they should not arrive before 8am and that they should avoid queuing lorries down the road, in particular outside of houses. Sometimes circumstances may make this unavoidable and if there are any further instances please advise the Senior Site Manager Mr Troy Cooper on 07834 034787.

Roadside verge Any damage to the roadside verge in Chiddingly Road will be reinstated when the main entrance is open, as agreed with ESCC Highways.

Mud on Chiddingly Road From time to time Chiddingly Road does become muddy. Not all of this can be attributed to vehicles leaving the crematorium site as other haulage companies etc. are engaged in activity in the area. However the main contractor has introduced a number of measures to ameliorate mud from the crematorium construction site:

 The entrance is managed to ensure that delivery vehicles are into the site and off the road as quickly as possible.

 This week interlockingtrack way has been installed to serve the main routes within the site this will minimise mud being picked up by vehicles, will provide a surface that is easy to clean and will facilitate the wheel washing which is already in place

 The entrance into the site has been tarmacked

 A mechanical road sweeper is being hired as and when required

The A267 entrance We are pressing UK Power Networks to progress relocating the overhead power cables that run across the A267 entrance. Work cannot start work on the entrance until this safety issue is dealt with. We will keep you informed on this issue and the likely time scales.

The hedge adjoining A267 One item of preparatory work that can be safely undertaken is cutting down to root level the length of hedgerow at the site entrance, this work will start soon.

The public footpath across the site safety and security Please remember that if you use the footpath across the site to walk your dog then for safety and security reasons you must keep to the footpath and not err outside the fence line onto the construction site. This site is private property of course and is fully monitored by CCTV. Anyone found walking over the fence line could be prosecuted for trespass.

Community benefit On a lighter note the main contractor, Baxall Construction, made a substantial contribution towards the cost of the Horam village Christmas tree lights. Baxall is also in discussion with the Cuckoo Trial management team offering help with the practical maintenance of the trail. The possibility of setting up community workshops covering such things as home fire safety and gas safety is also under discussion.

Christmas break The site will be closed for the Christmas and New Year break from 23rd December and reopens on 2nd January.

Site Bulletin No.8 (23/10/17)

Pre-construction work will start this week (w/c 23rd October) with heavy plant being delivered to the site via the existing farmhouse entrance in Chiddingly Road. Fortunately a separate access will not be required. The heavy plant will stay on site until it has completed its work when it will then leave via the newly constructed A267 entrance.

Ground conditions mean that it will now be necessary to bring stone onto the site to create a roadway for construction vehicles etc. to use. This will necessitate regular deliveries of stone via the farmhouse entrance. It is intended that these deliveries will be made on weekdays during normal working hours and will continue for around three weeks. Wheel washing facilities will reduce any mud on the road and the delivery lorries will enter the site immediately and will not park in the road.

The main contractor, Baxall Construction, will be delivering a letter to the residents living in Chiddingly Road that includes contact details for the Senior Site Manager. The Senior Site Manager or a colleague will also be available at the site office to speak to personally if preferred.

Site Bulletin No.7 (13/10/17)

  • Temporary access for enabling works - One of the first matters to be addressed will be the construction of the new access to the crematorium off the A267. Until this is completed it will be necessary to create a temporary access in order that these enabling works can be undertaken, this will be off Chiddingly Road. Work to this new access will be given a high priority and is expected to be completed in around six weeks.
    After the initial delivery of five or six items of big plant (bulldozers, dumpers, earth movers) we expect only be light traffic will be using Chiddingly Road. There should not be any great problems with mud etc. on the road as heavy plant will not be coming and going but in any case wheel-washing facilities will be put in place.
  • Roadworks in Horam village - The contractor (Baxall Construction) is aware that roadworks with traffic lights are currently in place and will be taking this into account, although as previously mentioned only five or six items of heavy plant will be brought to the site during this period.
  • Footpath Diversion - a temporary footpath diversion route has been put in place. The original footpath through the farmyard is still in use until the permanently diverted route is in place. This will not be opened until the services to the crematorium are installed. A copy of the plan detailing the diversion can be obtained by emailing crematorium@wealden.gov.uk
  • Dog Walkers - please remember that sheep are grazing on the land and so please continue to keep any dogs under control.

Site Bulletin No.6 (28/09/17)

Baxall Construction Ltd has been awarded the contract to build the Wealden Crematorium. Construction work is expected to start in mid-October 2017 with completion late 2018.

Site Bulletin No.5 (10/08/17)

Newt Fencing - a number of signs have been placed along the footpath across the development site. They request walkers not to disturb the white pitfall traps that have been placed at the foot of the low plastic fencing. The pitfall traps, which are regularly monitored, are there to collect rare Great Crested Newts which can then be relocated to a safe place away from the working area.

Ground investigation work; in the next week or so some further ground investigation work will be undertaken and consequently there may be some additional traffic accessing the site.

Site Bulletin No.4 (29/07/17)

A planning application for a substation to serve the crematorium has now been published on the Wealden website. 

Site Bulletin No.3 (05/05/17)

A drainage survey is scheduled to take place next week along the stretch of the A267 where it adjoins the crematorium site.

The survey will commence on Monday 8 May and is expected to take just two days; it will be undertaken place during the day time.

The A267 will not need to be closed but to allow the work to proceed safely temporary traffic lights will be in place.

Site Bulletin 2 (27/04/17)

  • Work to remove a number of trees from the crematorium site along the border with the A267 is scheduled to take place week commencing Tuesday 2nd May.
  • The work is expected to take the whole week and will take place during the day time.
  • The A267 will not need to be closed but to allow the work to proceed safely there will be a need for temporary traffic lights which will operate off peak.
  • Again for safety reasons, there will be one day where the power is turned off which will have an impact on neighbouring properties. This is currently scheduled for Friday 5th May. Any residents impacted by this have already been contacted by UK Power Networks.

Site Bulletin 1 (23/03/17)

Various site preparation works are underway or planned for the near future:

  • Blue netting has been put in place to prevent birds nesting in hedges that may need to be disturbed or removed
  • Chiddingly Road - the blue netting in Chiddingly Road has been put in place as a precaution in case services (gas, electricity etc.) need to be brought into the site at that point, this is not related to creating a new entrance. Note: you may have seen that some of the netting has been pulled back and we are arranging for our contractors to fix this back in place.
  • Chiddingly Road - mud on the road. We have raised this with our contractors but we are aware that other contractors not connected to this project are also working on the road.
  • Geotechnical Survey - this is due to start on 28 March and will include the use of a JCB mechanical excavator. The survey is an investigation of the soil on the site to determine important soil characteristics.