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Publication Scheme - What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.  

Annual Reports

Annual reports and background papers can be viewed by navigating to the relevant Council meeting. 

Corporate Plan

The Council's 2015 - 2019 Corporate Plan setting out its direction and priorities.

Economic Development Strategy

Economic development is important to all of us as it affects our work, our businesses, careers, training and skills and the infrastructure needed to support the movement of goods, services and people around the county.

This strategy provides priorities for developing the local economy from 2012 onwards. It replaces the old strategy from 2007.

Forward Plan

The District Council is required to publish a Forward Plan of all key decisions to be taken in the following four months. The Plan is updated monthly and is available 14 days before the beginning of each month.

The Forward Plan shows details of executive key decisions intended to be taken under delegated powers.
The Plan shows:-

  • when those decisions will be made
  • who will make the decision
  • to whom representations can be made and how
  • what arrangements are proposed to consult the public and stakeholders about the decisions and a synopsis of the report.
  • who you can contact about the decision and how to obtain copies of the relevant documents *
    * Reports to Cabinet normally available a minimum of 5 clear working days before the meeting and usually 7 actual days before the meeting.

Performance Indicators

A demonstration on how we are performing in key areas against objectives

Service Plans

Plans for each service area across the Council detailing what they expect to achieve. Our Service Plans for 2012/13 are currently being reviewed and restructured.

Service Standards

Provides service standards/customer charters for each service we deliver

Statistical information across the district of Wealden

Statistical information produced in accordance with the Council's and service area requirements.

Strategies and Plans

Corporate Strategies and Plans

Strategies developed in partnership with other authorities

Strategies developed in partnership with other authorities