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The 2019 Wealden Residents Survey

News : 22 August 2019

Wealden District Council, like many other local authorities, organises a survey of its residents every two years to find out what they think of the area and how they think the Council is performing.


It helps us to serve you better in the future.


To ensure we hear from a fair sample of local residents, we have commissioned a market research company, Opinion Research Services Ltd, to undertake telephone interviews with 1,000 Wealden residents. The survey begins on 29 August and ends by the 30 September.


Opinion Research Services use Random Digit Dialling, which chooses random telephone phone number within the desired area codes. This ensures there is no bias in the sample. In order to include a fair quota of younger residents, it also includes a commercially-available sample of mobile numbers. Calls are usually made between 2pm and 9pm on weekdays, and 10 am and 6pm on weekends. Attempts may be made to contact a number up to five times.


We do want to hear what your views, and hope you will take part if called. The results of the survey are entirely confidential and it is up to you whether you take part. No contact details are made available by ORS to a third party and the council has not shared any contact details with ORS. The questions follow a set format to enable a proper comparison between councils across the country.    


Please note that ex-directory and Telephone Preference Service numbers are included in the random selection process to help ensure a broad cross-section of the local community is involved.

If you would like to find out more about the process involved in the telephone survey, Opinion Research Services has drawn up <a href="https://www.ors.org.uk/services/telephone_interviews/frequently_asked_questions.php  which can be found on their website www.ors.org.uk"> a list of Frequently Asked Questions </a>