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Recycling: help us do even better

News : 07 March 2018

Here in the Wealden we currently recycle 52% of our waste. This is the highest in East Sussex. However, with your help we know that we can do even better!

Recycling sticker

Research has shown that about a fifth of what we currently throw away in our refuse bins can be put into our recycling bin.  

A lot of people want to recycle more but are confused about what can and cannot be recycled especially with regards to the wide range of plastic items accepted as part of our kerbside collection.

Here are our top tips on plastic recycling to help you to recycle even more:

Yes Please 

  • Bottles like drink, shampoo and bleach bottles
  • Pots like yoghurt, cream or soup pots
  • Tubs like margarine or ice cream tubs
  • Trays like ready meal, takeaway and vegetable trays
  • Lids – remove from bottles and include for recycling
  • Bags like carrier, bread, fruit or vegetable bags.
  • Film and Wrapping including cling film, cereal liners, plastic wrapping around magazines and toilet rolls
  • Blister Packs – pre-formed plastic packaging eg used for tablets
  • Items should be clean, empty and loose; not tied up in plastic bags.

    No Thanks

    • Black plastic bags
    • Polystyrene/bubble wrap
    • Plastic coffee cups
    • Hard plastics like toys and plant pots
    • Foil-lined plastic pouches and bags such as crisp packets 

    Did you know - recycled plastics are made into bollards, benches, bin liners, seed trays, fleece jackets and fibre filling for sleeping bags and duvets.